V2Cigs V2 Ultimate Kit Review

The decision to try new things should not be a complicated one, in fact, if you are serious about changing your smoking habits from traditional tobacco products to the electronic kind, then V2 is a great way to go. The makers of V2 electronic cigarettes are interested in providing their customers with a taste of their product before it becomes a steadfast part of their lives, which is why they put together a starter kit to top them all. Users being introduced to the world of electronic cigarettes will be provided with the V2 Ultimate Kit which they can customize and turn into a new beginning which will evolve into a long-term relationship.


Variety & flavor

One of the first things you will notice with the V2 Ultimate kit is that the supplies keep coming, and the best part of it all is that you can adjust them based on your taste and preferences. Starter kits come with different flavors (5 cartridges each) for you to get started with and those cartridges are sealed inside for freshness. Keep in mind that each package is said to be the equivalent of 25 traditional cigarettes, which balances out to about five cigarettes per cartridge.


Tower Of Power

The purpose of the starter kit is to offer the user everything they need to begin their eCigarette experience, and the list of items included will do exactly that. There is a smart charger which is designed to shorten the time it takes to charge the device. Users won’t need to concern themselves about over charging as technology prevents it from receiving more charge than it needs. Automobile charger and wall adapters are also included making it easy to keep your devices where they need to be even while you are on a road trip or traveling for your company.

Take It With You

Starter kits offer a portable charging case complete with all the important stuff. This case will allow the user to charge their eCig battery without the need to be plugged into an outlet for a total of eight charges. Once the quota has been met, simply plug in the charging case and fill the reserve charge to full capacity. In addition to the charging case, the starter kit also comes equipped with a carrying case which can be white or black, based on your preference. To put you on the right tract, the V2 Ultimate Kit provides three V2 Batteries.

The Big Picture

As a new user to the world of eCigarettes, you will not be disappointed with the V2 Ultimate kit, in fact, the most difficult task ahead of you will be to figure out which flavors you want to get started with. There are five choices for your battery as far as colors are concerned and the decision as to length and switch type will also be in your hands. If you have tried other starter kits, you will not be disappointed with this one especially since it is by far the most comprehensive and affordable starter kit available on the market not to mention if you buy the kit with  this V2 cigs coupon code.